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Veteran Vehicle Repair Program

Our repair program is geared towards getting Veterans' vehicles back on the road, safe, and ready to pass inspection.



We repair the candidates' cars at no charge to them or their families in the area of Massachusetts. Our ultimate goal with our repair program is a big one. Through donations and fundraising, we hope to grow a network of shops around the country that repair the cars of veterans who reach out to us.  Larkin Motors Foundation would provide transport of the vehicle to the shop and pay the bill when it's done!

How Do We Choose Candidates?

We have more candidates than we do funds to repair the vehicles. Each one of our Veterans is vetted through discharge paperwork and ID. We continuously fundraise with the goal of shortening the growing list of people to be helped. 

If you or someone you know may be eligible please head over to our Submit A Veteran page to be added to the list!

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